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Deep in their sewer lair, the Turtles are training hard to become the heroes they were always destined to be. Donatello is ready to take on any villain with his Side Flip Ninja Attack! Bend Donnie to the left and let go to activate his side flip! He'll give a ninja battle cry and land on his feet!

  • Push Donnie to the side and let go, he will perform a side flipping' Ninja attack with sounds

  • He continues to shout as he flips

  • Once Donnie lands, he will complete his phrase

  • Each deluxe turtle figures comes with a unique deluxe Ninja flipping attack action and awesome sound effects and phrases from the new TMNT TV show.

  • Each deluxe Ninja attack figure is 5. 5" Tall

Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello Side Flip Deluxe Figure TMNT