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Eichhorn Color - Wooden Train - the high quality, brightly painted solid wood train from EICHHORN color has two carriages and lots of stacking shapes to help to encourage children's creativity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The train carries a total of 15 building blocks and is 16 inches long. Suitable for children aged 1 and over.


  • Promotes use of fine motor skills, dexterity, creativity and imagination

  • 3 Train pieces with 15 bricks

  • Length: 41cm

  • Age recommendation: From 1 year


We at Ivy's Locker can swear by this product. For a toddler who's just discovering trains, this amazing wood train set will keep toddlers occupied for hours at a time! Proven motor skill and dexterity attributes.

Eichhorn 18 Piece Wood Toy Train

SKU: Eichhorn